For the past 10 years CII-CMC has been on the forefront of corrosion management and technology to provide comprehensive programmes covering industry trends and challenges; best practice; product solutions and knowledge sharing in areas of corrosion.

List of Past Programmes:

1 One Day Session on “Corrosion Awareness Seminar For Indian Industry” Chandigarh 14/11/2006
2 Addressing Warranty Failures through Corrosion Prevention Chennai 27/07/2007
3 Surface coatings for Corrosion Protection Bangalore 18-19/4/2008
4 1st Corrosion Management Summit Mumbai 11-12/11/2008
5 One Day Session on “Corrosion Management Solutions-High Performance Coatings & VCI Technology” Gurgaon 16/12/2008
6 2nd One Day Corrosion Awareness Seminar for Automobile Industry Pune 20/04/2009
7 2nd corrosion management summit Chennai 17-18/07/2009
8 One Day Corrosion Control Awareness Seminar – Reduce Cost, Enhance Safety and Protect Environment Vadodara 30/09/2009
9 Corrosion Management for Increased Integrity, Durability & Savings (One day seminar for Ports & Ship Building Industry) Cochin 17/11/2009
10 One Day Training Programme on “High Performance Coatings” Chandigarh 11/12/2009
11 Half Day Awareness Session on Corrosion Management Gurgaon 18/01/2010
12 Certification Training Course on “Protective Coatings for Industrial Structures” Kolkata 15-17/02/2010
13 Certification Training Course on “Paints and Powder Coatings” for Automotive Industry Pune 19-21/07/2010
14 One Day Corrosion Management Summit “Reduce Cost, Enhance Safety and Protect Environment” New Delhi 5/8/2010
15 Certification Training Course on “Protective Coatings for Industrial Structures” Vizag 10-12/03/2011
16 Seminar On Corrosion Management for Industry New Delhi 18/9/ 2012
17 One Day Training Programme
On Corrosion Management of Industry Water Systems
Chandigarh 24/1/ 2013;
18 Corrosion control using effective paints & coatings Bangalore 23- 24 /5/2013
19 Seminar on Corrosion Management for Industry Ahmedabad 22 /8/ 2013
21 Conference on Surface & Coatings Global Trends on Surface Preparation and Performance Chennai 4 – 5 /7/ 2014
22 Certification Training Course on “Paints and Powder Coatings” for Automotive Industry Chennai 5 – 6 /7/ 2014
23 Corrosion Management Summit Coimbatore 20/9/2014
24 Certification Workshop on Corrosion Audit Methodology & Corrosion Management Coimbatore 21/9/2014
25 Seminar on Corrosion Management Ahmedabad 31/7/2015
26 Conference on Electroplating Chennai 11-12/8/2015
27 3rd Corrosion Management Summit New Delhi 3-4 /9/2015
28 Session on Role of Chemistry in Preventing Corrosion Mumbai 26/11/2015
29 Seminar on Corrosion Management & Corrosion Audit Methodology Pune 19/12/2015
30 Certification Programme on ‘Addressing Warranty failures through Corrosion Prevention for Auto Industry” Pune 20/12/2015

Future programme (training calendar of year 2016 will be uploaded here)

Score Card

30 training programmes held till date Nearly 720 organisations & 1620 professionals benefitted 8 corrosion audits conducted 23 booklets on corrosion management prepared



There is a significant need for increased awareness of corrosion as a phenomenon and as a risk. In industry the term corrosion is often ignored and usually recognized only if substantial damage occurs as a result of corrosion attack; for example, collapsing of bridge or leaks and explosion of...