CII – Avantha Centre for Competitiveness is one of Centre of Excellence based at Chandigarh providing Corrosion Survey & Audit Services to the Industries.
The scope of CII-CMC Corrosion Audit includes conducting detailed survey and audit of major components for corrosion damage and recommendation of mandatory procedure for protection of such components.

CII – CMC Corrosion Audit Methodology

  • Recognize the corrosion prone areas where minor improvements / modifications can bring substantial benefits
  • Investigate the chances of contaminations of product due to corrosion products
  • Assessments of the present maintenance practices and analyze them for its appropriateness

Corrosion Audit provide company special recommendation on:

  • Identification of silient effects of environment and process conditions.
  • Identification of design issues.
  • Determination of material compatibility with environment.
  • Suitable painting and its maintenance plans.
  • During storage, equipments protection recommendations.
  • Formulation of a reliability centered corrosion monitoring schedule.

Corrosion Audit Result

  • Increased Safety
  • Maximized Asset Life
  • More cost effective operation in long run.
  • Reliable Performance
  • Environment Protection

Score Card

30 training programmes held till date Nearly 720 organisations & 1620 professionals benefitted 8 corrosion audits conducted 23 booklets on corrosion management prepared



There is a significant need for increased awareness of corrosion as a phenomenon and as a risk. In industry the term corrosion is often ignored and usually recognized only if substantial damage occurs as a result of corrosion attack; for example, collapsing of bridge or leaks and explosion of...