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Corrosion Audit

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CII Corrosion Management Committee audit team has conducted corrosion survey and audit at Sree Rayalseema Alkalies& Allied Chemicals Limited at Kurnool on 10-14 June,2014. The audit was successfully carried out under the leadership of Dr Baldev Raj.

Audit team consists by the experienced and renowned corrosion experts like

Dr. V R Krishnan, Chief Consultant,(SMMS),EIL

Mr S Ravichandran, Group Product Manager-Protection, Berger Paints India Limited;

Mr. V.S.Rao, Retd.-DGM (HPCL)l

Dr. G H Thanki, Director, Corrosion Control & Monitoring Consultancy

The 4 day Corrosion Survey & Audit focused on:-

  • Identification of silent effects of environment and process conditions
  • Identification of design issues
  • Determination of material compatibility with environment
  • Suitable painting and its maintenance plans
  • During storage equipment protection recommendations
  • Capacity building of team through training
  • Implementation of proposals suggested in corrosion survey & audit report promises substantial savings in the cost of maintenance and repair, besides ensuring quality products with minimum financial inputs

Score Card

30 training programmes held till date Nearly 720 organisations & 1620 professionals benefitted 8 corrosion audits conducted 23 booklets on corrosion management prepared



There is a significant need for increased awareness of corrosion as a phenomenon and as a risk. In industry the term corrosion is often ignored and usually recognized only if substantial damage occurs as a result of corrosion attack; for example, collapsing of bridge or leaks and explosion of...