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India has been losing more than USD 40 billion a year—about 4 percent of GDP—due to corrosion. This prompts a need for efforts to minimize the leakage. The demand for corrosion free material is on increase in highend industries including Oil & Gas, Energy & Shipping, Railways, Ports etc. The cost of corrosion is not just financial. Beyond the huge direct outlay of funds to repair and/or replace corroded and/or decaying structures are the indirect costs ( natural resources, potential hazards, and lost opportunity). This should serve as wake up call for the Indian Industry to get geared upfront and empower itself to combat corrosion. Although a high degree of knowledge and expertise on corrosion related issues is available in the country, this is confined to certain pockets and areas in the industry.

In view of the above scenario, CII-Avantha Center for Competitiveness has initiated a service on Corrosion Management for the benefit of Indian Industry with the objective of creating awareness about corrosion and its adverse effects on the pace of country’s development. The service on Corrosion Management aims to reduce the significant losses in Industry due to corrosion. The centre is helping Industries to reduce the corrosion related losses by carrying Corrosion Audits in the plant to prevent corrosion, regular Seminars/Training programmes and In-house training programmes for the industry to control and eliminate the impact of corrosion on safety, economy and environment, and Awareness Posters & Publications to aware the industry about corrosion related issues.

To provide guidance to the service on Corrosion Prevention and with the mission to serve Indian Industry for minimizing corrosion losses in India, CII formed a National Corrosion management Committee (CMC) under the Chairmanship of Dr. Baldev Raj, Distinguished Scientist & Former Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) & Director , National Institute of Advance Studies, Bengaluru. This Committee is a network of renowned individuals who have done distinguished work in area of corrosion from several prestigious Indian organizations.

The Faraday Corrosion Council (FCC) is also formed under the chairmanship of Dr. U Kamachi Mudali—Associate Director – Corrosion, Science and Technology Group, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, which comprises the young professionals who work in the field of corrosion management.
With various activities of CII-CMC & CII-FCC, industries will be benefitted with respect to Increased Safety, Reliable Performance, Maximized Asset Life, Environment Protection and Enhanced Cost Effective Operation in Long Run.

Score Card

30 training programmes held till date Nearly 720 organisations & 1620 professionals benefitted 8 corrosion audits conducted 23 booklets on corrosion management prepared



There is a significant need for increased awareness of corrosion as a phenomenon and as a risk. In industry the term corrosion is often ignored and usually recognized only if substantial damage occurs as a result of corrosion attack; for example, collapsing of bridge or leaks and explosion of...